Dennis Bayside Beaches

Every year when the weather starts getting nicer, I look forward to taking my bike on the ‘3 beach tour’, which is a ride to my 3 neighborhood beaches. Last week was the first tour of the summer.

First Stop – Corporation Beach. Over the past several years the town has made some great renovations to the bathhouse and snack bar. In fact now the Dennis Market has taken over the snack bar and they sell Lobster Rolls and other delicious treats. It’s a great beach for young families. There’s a swing set, picnic tables and the bay is usually calm.








Second Stop – Mayflower Beach. This is probably the most beautiful and busy beach in Dennis. The sand is flawless and when the tide is out, its really out, like miles. Last winter the town made the same improvements to the bathhouse and snack shacks as well. The best is having the beach to myself when the weather is nice and the tourist have not yet arrived. The sunsets are incredible and very often they receive a standing ovation in the summer months.If you’re lucky you’ll be there when sand dollars flood the ocean.







Last Stop – Chapin Beach. I consider this a ‘Natural’ Beach. There’s no fancy bathhouse, no food, limited parking and lots of rocks. However, just like Mayflower, Chapin has incredible sunsets. The water is clear and beautiful. On a sunny day you can stand perfectly still and watch the fish and hermit crabs walk/swim around your feet. Last summer I watched seals resting on a sandbar off in the distance. During low tide you can walk to Sandy Neck Beach but just keep an eye on the tides!

This sounds like a commercial for Dennis beaches, not sure why I am inspired to post this. I think it’s because today a store owner asked me if I had any images of the Dennis bayside beaches near 6A. So I spent some time finding my favorite images which reinforced my love for this town and how lucky I am to live here.